Saturday, May 12, 2018


Hello Everyone!

Ahh technology. It's come a long way in my lifetime. And I'm not even that old! (Right? Right.)

In elementary school, we had computers. Black screen games with green graphics. Remember Oregon Trail and Number Munchers? I learned to type on an actual typewriter in junior high. Not even an electric model like the one we had at home, but an old school IBM clunker. And in high school I took computers and learned some basic coding. And ten years later, was still playing Oregon Trail. ("You have dysentery!")

Internet wasn't mainstream. It was only in 1996 when I entered university that we had access. For a small fee we got a disk to set up and access the small pool of lines offered by the UofA. We would all spend potentially hours dialling in, waiting to hear the glorious screeching sound of the internet connection via phone line. Heaven forbid that someone would call the phone line and if you had call waiting, disconnect you.

It was so exciting! The world at our finger tips! Using the Netscape browser and Eudora email. Chatting in chat rooms with people I don't know in real life. Learning to build my own webpage about my favourite 90s Canadiana bands. Email forwards and sending virtual gifts (Happy Birthday! Here is virtual balloon bouquet present, ie a picture of balloons.)

I thought it was so cool and limitless back then, but wow, has the Internet grown in leaps and bounds. The amount of information out there is astounding, I can look for anything online, I can buy anything online. I could barely text 10 years ago, and now we only text; I don't remember the last time I spoke to a friend via telephone.

Our kids only know smart phones and tablets. Tape decks and rotary phones are antiques. How handy it is to view photos all in one place. "Mom, you should take a picture of this and post it on Instagram." C is learning to use Chromebook at school, and is adept at making slideshows. A knows how to load her own photos on her kindergarten share app, Seesaw.

And my parents and parents of my friends. With the ease of touch screen technology, the seniors have embraced technology with open arms. Sometimes their addiction to it seems even worse than the younger generations. If you had told me about ten years ago that my parents would have smart phones, have tablets, and would be texting me, I wouldn't have believed it, not in a million years. I think it's so great that the seniors have kept up with technology, as it will keep their brains alert and keep them continuously learning. Sometimes I just have to show them something a couple times, and they'll get it. (On the other hand, my mom managed to throw out her default email icon on her iPad. Not sure how she managed that.) My parents have just discovered emojis, so each text is usually accompanied by a string of various emojis. One of my friends says her mom's favourite is the strong arm emoji, haha 💪💪 💓

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Thanks for reading, have a wonderful weekend! We're having gorgeous weather this weekend, and it was a lovely day to have my parents over for a Mother's Day bbq this evening.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!

E :)

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