Friday, April 27, 2018

Messy Mess (and exercise!)

Good day! Is everyone else's house a mess like mine? I'm (usually) resigned to the fact that it is, but it still irritates me a lot. The kids are such a mess. They're so mo sau mai, which in Cantonese literally means 'no hands, no tail' but connotatively means 'not putting things back where they belong'. I'm not sure why the saying involves tails. And laundry. Why is there always laundry? As we speak, I have three baskets to fold, and I need to do two more loads either today or tomorrow. I don't feel like it today, so that means it will be tomorrow.

Have you seen those signs? They say 'Excuse this mess, we're making memories'. I get what they're saying, and I like that it's trying to excuse the mess, but they're a little too cute for me. Sure, we're making memories, but the mess isn't so much because we're making memories, it's because the kids are slobs and I'm too lazy sometimes. ha.

Don't even get me started on Lego. Do your kids play Lego like this, stuff sprawled everywhere?? Seriously.

Breathe. The kids are constantly reminded that they're so fortunate that they have so much stuff, most being gifts, and that they are so fortunate that so many people love and spoil them. And yes, I need to be reminded too that we are so fortunate that we are able to provide so much for our children and so fortunate that they have grandparents, aunties, uncles and non-family aunties and uncles that who love and spoil them.

Breathe again. On a positive note, it's Friday! I had a good start to the morning, met a friend for breakfast and coffee, and then came home and did a quick workout. It's a puny workout compared to most of you, as I'm pretty sedentary. But I downloaded an app that leads me through a workout, and it's getting me off my butt. It actually started with doing yoga with the kids at home. Little A mentioned they do Cosmic Kids Yoga at school via YouTube, so I checked it out at home with them and enjoyed it, it was the first time that I'd done yoga. Plus the warmer spring weather has been good, a lot of walks and outside activities with kids and family.

Yay! It's like summer here! It was like -5 last week and today it's supposed to be 25, 28 tomorrow! And long weekend to boot, the kiddos have a PD Day on Monday.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful weekend!

E :)

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