Sunday, April 22, 2018

Feeling Blah


Hello everyone! Hope you are well.

A few posts ago I mentioned I was feeling off, and feeling blah. The possibility that it was my thyroid acting up was very possible. I also thought anemia, which is low red blood cell count, was a good possibility and had googled anemia symptoms. Now before you slap my hand for self diagnosing, I did end up going to the doctor's. More on that after. Now, back to Dr Google. Symptoms for hypothyroidism and anemia are actually very similar. My symptoms included:

✅thinning hair -my hairline was definitely missing some hair, and who knows, maybe even the rest of my head of hair too, but I have a lot of hair and haven't noticed any bald spots thank goodness.

✅tired - tired throughout the day ready to crash mid afternoon, sleeping early even for me

✅brain cloud/fog


✅cold intolerance

✅shortness of breath

Now I'm going to talk about my period. Possibly TMI for people, so you've been warned. My period has always been heavy, but the past year or so, it's been very heavy. Change pad after an hour or two heavy. Get up in the middle of the night to change my big overnight pad heavy. (10 hour protection my a$$!) I've always had clots, but more and more now and bigger and bigger. I'd mentioned this to my doctor before, and knew a couple years ago there was a little polyp in there. Now it's a little bigger, so I got that removed in early February. It was benign and all is good. And I was hoping that removing that sucker would mean a lighter period, but alas, no luck. If anything, the period after the removal came with a vengeance. Ugh.

So that's why I started looking at anemia symptoms too. I eat enough meat so at first I didn't think it would be an issue, though we don't eat a lot of beef. But those heavy periods could mean I'm losing a lot more blood than I should be.

✅pale inner bottom eyelids


So after self diagnosing, I went to the doctor's. I'd actually just gotten my thyroid lab work done, so the numbers for that were good. Dr. L agreed it could be anemia, checked my eyelids saying they were on the pale side, and sent me home with a medical lab form. I went and got bloodwork done a couple days later, and then the office called the day after. Not urgent, they said, but I should go see the doctor in a week or so. You know when they call back regarding the results that something was up. But this was good, if it was anemia, at least it explains why I'm feeling off and I can look to the road of recovery.

So yup, my iron levels are low,  women should have 12.0 to 15.5 g/dL grams (g) of hemoglobin per deciliter (dL) and I was sitting at 11. I am now taking over the counter iron tablets, plus some pills to lighten my period, I think it lightened it a little bit, but I still had one really heavy day/night. Let's hope I start feeling better, and then I will do more bloodwork in June. Fingers crossed, will keep you posted!

And it looks like spring has finally sprung, though it's windy and not so nice today. But there is no snow and the temperature is above zero, so we will take it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a great week. Thanks for reading! :)

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