Monday, April 9, 2018

April Showers...? (And Spring Break in Review)

Hmm, April showers? More like April snow and will spring ever come? At least the days are longer and we get a lot of sunshine now.

Hi everyone! How was everyone's Spring Break? (I know, I'm a week behind, better late than never, right?) Ours went by fast. First day was to relax, second day we had play dates at our house --6 kids, but they were pretty good considering there were so many of them, and one mom stayed to hang out with me. Then on Wednesday we went to a friend's for a playdate, got to catch up with my friend and check out how her new house is looking, she's got it looking great since the last time I'd popped over. And Thursday through Saturday we went down to Calgary, to visit my little 5 month old nephew! Oh, and my bro and sil too, haha.

Baby toes! A took this pic for us.

So I don't know how the weather in your area has been, but it's been brutal here. The Monday of Spring Break the girls got to go outside and splash in the puddles, with the temperature being a balmy +8. But it got more miserable as the week wore on, and we had to keep checking the weather to make sure there wasn't a snowstorm on our way down to Calgary, and then back up to Edmonton.

We decided to do a more touristy trip to Calgary this time, we usually hang out with family, especially if my parents are there at the same time, or just meander around town. This time we went to Telus Spark and Bow Habitat Station, and both were lots of fun!

It was Good Friday when we went to Telus Spark, which is a science centre. Similar to our Telus World of Science in Edmonton, though I think Calgary's is bigger and definitely newer. We got there around 9:30 and it was already busy! We could have spent all day there, but we grown ups were getting tired. We were there for almost 5 hours and will probably go back again in the summer, we will have to see what the new exhibit will be. The Spark is split into different areas:

Creative Kids Museum: This is a great fun area kids, especially the littles. There is a big treehouse to climb around, though my 8 year old found herself too big for this area. There are other neat science things to do there such as experimenting with ramps, playing sink and float in the water area, and even a bubbly water piano.

Special Exhibit: C, my oldest was pretty excited to see this, Whales Tohora from National Museum of New Zealand running January 20-June 20. I wasn't able to take pictures in here, as they want to protect the artifacts from camera flashes. There are skeletons and so many displays to check out. There is even a life size whale heart where kids can crawl around in, I think there must have been 6 kids in there when we were checking it out, gives you a good idea of how large a whale is.

Energy and Innovation: Learn about different types of electricity.

Open Studio Workshop: Lots of hands on activities, including tinkering with electronics, building structures, and our kiddos got to do silk screening, A made a planet and C made a whale.

Earth and Sky: Check out Alberta geology and weather.

Being Human: Explore our senses and feelings.

Dome Theatre: We watched a documentary on bugs which was projected on the dome top in the theatre. Neat!

Live Science Demos: We didn't time this right and didn't get to check out this time around. Looks like they do live experiments in front of an audience. Next time!

Brainasium: Outside play area, we'll have to check it out during the warmer season.

More information is available on their website. If you pre-buy tickets online, you can save a few dollars.

Bow Habitat Station was really neat. Situated near downtown is this little gem which also has a hatchery; unfortunately there currently isn't a hatchery due to renovations. The hatchery will be back up and running in November 2018. C has been on a fish kick lately (eg. she's been watching Bob Izumi's fishing show, which kind of puzzles me since no one in our family fishes, but also kind of amusing) and wanted to check this out as soon as I mentioned there was a fish place that we could visit. My sil who was born and raised in Calgary had not heard of this facility. It's been open a number of years, and looks brand new inside. There, you can learn about Alberta fish and aquatic life., as well as environment and how we humans affect the environment. There are tanks of fish to check out, and lots of interactive displays. We are going to go again in the summer, because you can learn about fishing outside in their pond.

All in all, we had a good few days in Calgary. We've definitely been down there more because of Baby Z.

Whew! This is the longest post that I've written in awhile! Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone!

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