Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Chinese Food

Hello everyone!

I don't do a lot of Chinese cooking at home. Usually we just go back to my parents' for traditional food, and it tastes better, ha. If we do 'Chinese food' at home, it's usually stirfry, or more usually, it's noodles, congee, or various dumplings such as potstickers or wontons. (Does anyone know why woh-teep are called potstickers?)

I'm old school and usually do congee, or jook, on the stovetop, that's how my parents do it, and I just followed. We went to a friends for lunch over the summer and she made us congee for lunch in her rice cooker, and it turned out really good. So I've done it at home a few times now with my rice cooker, and am pleased with the results. So easy, and the portion size is perfect for our family. Usually with the pot, I measure too much rice, then the congee gets too thick, so I have to add water, then it gets too thick again. It's a vicious cycle and then I end up with too much congee. I like my congee smooth and not grainy, so I just whip it with a whisk and it's perfect.

(Above is actually too lumpy for me, I don't think I'd whisked it yet.)

I have a Buffalo rice cooker. I just follow the ration lines to make congee, then add stock and dried scallops for flavour (needs to be soaked overnight first). My rice cooker also has a secret 'quick' code for rice, it was mentioned in Chinese on a loose piece of paper in the box, so my parents had to translate for me. It makes no sense, it's under 'steam' for 5 min. Note the stainless steel liner, much better than a teflon coated one, my previous rice cooker was teflon and got scratched. How do you like your congee? I like it with thousand year old egg, peanuts, and long Chinese donut. Yum. Today's a dreary day, it would have been a good day for congee.

Along with congee, we usually carb it up with dumplings, woh-teep and xiao lung bao, my kids' faves (these are just store bought ones):

Yum, now I'm hungry! 

What's everyone dressing up as for Halloween? My girls will be a pirate and a cowboy, I need to finish up their costumes. I was able to put together or revamp some of their existing clothes for their costumes. I fee like dressing up when I go to their school, I'm thinking witch, or mad scientist.

Anyways, have a great day! Thanks for reading!


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