Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Books, Books, Books

The more that you read, the more things you will know. 

The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.

-Dr. Suess

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving long weekend!

The above quote is great, I have it hanging in my girls' bedrooms. And it is a good segue because I want to talk books today. Coincidentally, last week was Read In week at the schools, and I actually went in and read to A's kindergarten class. I read What If? by Robert Pierce. It's silly and I like the retro style of it.

On Saturday, we went to West Edmonton Mall, and took the kids to Chapters since A still had a gift card from her birthday to use up. I've heard that there are events for kids at Chapters and Indigo on Saturday mornings, but we've never gone to check them out. Well, as the kids were hugging a taller-than-them dinosaur in the toy area, one of the workers came by to tell us that it was a Hatchimal event today in the kid area if we were interested. So off we went, where one worker was finishing reading a book to the children already there. The kids got a little treat bag with Hatchimal stickers and a Malala pencil, and a ticket to enter the draw for some Hatchimal prizes. Next up was a craft. Score, this was already a good event!

After their craft, the kids looked around for some books, and the crowd was waiting for the Hatchimal to emerge from its shell. While A and I were looking around, we heard a draw taking place. We came out of the stacks to see C emerge with a prize, a Hatchimal egg containing a puzzle! Yay, we never win anything. My husband gave me the remaining raffle ticket, in case we win again and people wonder why he has two tickets. I told him it's not an issue, as we clearly have two kids, plus, what are the chances of us winning the big twin Hatchimal egg. Well, during the next draw, I was watching the numbers on our ticket...and we won! A went up to collect the prize. Wowzers, seriously, we never win anything. After we finished buying books, we had lunch and then got a lotto ticket, haha. (Of course, we didn't win that one.)

Craft: DIY Hatchimal

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' that night, so the girls got to hatch their Hatchimal there. It's nice that it's an egg that contains twins, so each of the girls will get one Hatchimal. 

Prizes! I was happy with a craft and free stickers!

Warming up the Hatchimal egg.

And...they're twins! They have since been named Pinkfoot and Purplefoot.

 Close up.

We didn't really join the craze of Hatchimals before, was it last year or the year before? In any case, it looks like toy companies are pushing Hatchimals as one of the it toys this year. Since C can read, she was responsible in advising herself and her sister on how to take care of the Hatchimals. I actually don't know too much about them, but I guess you have to take care and nurture them to let them grow, and they respond and play too. Kind of like Tamagotchis? (I'm too old for that craze, but one of the nieces was into those years ago.)

The gift card that A received got her a lot of books since she's still a young reader. She got two Peppa Pig books, an Amelia Bedelia, and this ballerina book below. Now, A is a rough and tumble kind of girl, but is really into princesses and ballerinas, go figure. So when she chose this book, I reluctantly said fine, shaking my head at her girliness. I didn't realize until we read the book that it is about a real life ballerina, Misty Copeland. It's a mini biography, and such an inspiring story. Misty didn't even start ballet lessons until she was thirteen, battled through family issues and physical issues, and made principal dancer at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre, the first African-American to do so to boot. So I took back my reluctance of this book, and told A that I'm glad she chose this one, it was a wonderful story to read. And then I went off to Google Misty Copeland that night.

Anyways, that's it for me today, have a wonderful day. Stay warm, it's supposed to flurry here today!

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