Monday, September 18, 2017

C's Biking Accident

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We're in full swing for lessons, so we have piano on Thursdays, swimming on Saturdays (ugh, hopefully third time's a charm for them to pass their level), and on Sundays little A takes skating lessons. We're hoping to add skiing to the repertoire later this winter. C is resuming piano after about a year and a half hiatus, and A is taking the lessons for the first time. We've had two lessons so far and they seem to be enjoying it and they like their new teacher. A friend recommended the teacher - who comes to our house! Makes my life just a little bit easier on weekdays. I don't anticipate my girls becoming concert pianists, nor do I expect them to be, but I figure this gives them an introduction to music should they want to pursue it. My parents started me on violin lessons when I was around 9, which was great, but I felt so behind because I was just starting to learn music, while my other classmates had mostly taken piano for years and could already read music. Needless to say I only took violin for a few years. I'm hoping this will provide good background for my girls.

School is in full swing for the kiddos and they seem to be doing fine. A is enjoying her afternoon kindergarten class because she gets to play, haha. She has Montessori in the morning, so she needs to do work there. I need to pull them out of class a little bit early this afternoon because C has an appointment; I called too late to book a check up appointment with her paediatrician, This is actually the third appointment where I've had to pull her out of class. We've had two previous appointments with the dentist, because of a bad fall that C had about two weeks before school started.

C finally mastered riding two wheels this summer, and liked her little taste of independence, how she could ride ahead of her little sister and parents on walks. She is also an adrenaline junkie, as demonstrated when she goes to amusement parks. So of course she enjoys the thrill of riding her bike downhill. Near our house are paths to a couple lakes, which involves going downhill. She'd gone a few times, when one fateful afternoon, she was ahead of me and A again. I thought I better hustle to make sure she's alright, and sure enough, when I jogged to the downhill path, my poor baby was crying, and her chin was cut wide open. It was bad. I didn't want to show her how bad it was, so I just said we needed to walk home and then go to the hospital.

Poor C. She didn't want to walk and I didn't blame her, but there was nothing else we could do. Apparently there were 3 geese on the path and she swerved them and fell badly.

My parents met me at the hospital ER to pick up A and take her home with them. What a bad day at the ER, I could here patients around us who had already been there for over four hours, and they had all been sitting together for so long that they had built a rapport with each other, I thought at first that they all knew each other. Of course C is okay by the time we see the triage nurse, instead of crying in pain. She got gauze on her chin and was in good spirits. We've been to the ER in the past and had to wait for a couple hours, which is what I expected. But that day we had to wait four hours before we finally got in. I even went to get C's gauze changed about two hours in, since it had actually bled through, and took the opportunity to see the triage nurse again. But no dice, we still had to wait. In the meantime, C, told me one of her back teeth were loose, but I couldn't tell and thought she was imagining things. Then I checked the other side of the tooth and indeed, a piece was loose!

After four hours, we finally got in to see a doctor, who said was it was absolutely crazy that day. They had to put numbing cream on C to get her ready, so that involved more waiting. Then the doctor got my hopes up with dissolve-able stitches, but in the end, she couldn't find any. C is such a trooper. My baby is so brave and tough. She got seven stitches without any complaints. As soon was she was stitched up, I told her that the cut was so bad, but I didn't want to say anything before she was fixed.

So close to seven hours later in total, we finally left. One of the patients who had been in the waiting room with us the whole time (actually, he was there first) kindly asked us on our way out if C was okay. Poor guy was still there, I was too tired to ask, but he must have been waiting for tests, I believe he was there because of a blood clot.

We saw the dentist four times after the accident. First was to get checked, and x-rays revealed that C had cracked two teeth in the fall, probably from clenching as opposed to getting hit. The good news is that they were baby teeth. The bad news was the top one needed to be pulled out, and the bottom one was hopefully salvageable with some patching. So the next three appointments were to extract the top tooth, patch the bottom tooth, and then to put a spacer in the top tooth area. Phew! Thank goodness for insurance.

Kiddo is good to go now, with a battle scar to prove it. I think she might be secretly please with it. We had to go to the paediatrician to remove the stitches, and she commented that if you're going to cut up a part of your face, the chin there is the best spot since it's not too obviousl  My husband and I believe that it was actually her bell that cut her chin since it was such a clean and straight cut; she has a ladybug bell on her bike, and I pulled the remaining plastic wing off afterwards, and one edge was incredibly sharp. So note: get a bell that is round without extra potentially sharp pieces. And only last week did it occur to me that if it was the bell that cut her, it could have been so much worse--that bell could have sliced her throat just an inch or two below. Shudder.

But we survived, and the girls have a living example of how important a bike helmet is. Also, they have seen dentists and dental hygienists in action, so who knows, maybe this is the start of a career for one of them.

Happy Monday! Have a great day!

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