Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Practical and Functional

Hi Everyone!

It's July already! Where did the year go? The kids are out of school, and we just celebrated Canada's 150. We went downtown with some friends and partook some festivities downtown. We started at the 104 st market, and then checked out Rogers Place for the first time and saw some multicultural shows, such as wu shu, lion dance and shumka. Then we proceeded to City Hall where it was super busy inside. We had come through the back north doors, and when we went out through the front the doors, it was crazy busy! Churchill Square was packed. Too bad fireworks are so late, it doesn't get dark in Edmonton until 11 pm, so I knew that was way too late for the kids especially if they were out and about all day. Heck, that's late even for me on a day I was out and about, haha.

Mmm, pig roast. We had lunch at 'Ono Poke and tried the yummy shaved ice cream special.

Statue came to life and Number 1 got a handshake!

I had this post partially envisioned in my head back near Father's Day. Are you easy to shop for? Are your parents easy to shop for? I think I'm pretty easy to shop for, anything amuses me, and for most ladies and women, I think that's the case. New soap or scented cream? Love it. New nail polish, jewellery or cosmetic pouch? Awesome. I love food and coffee cards. Meanwhile, my parents are the worst to shop for. My mom is so not girly, so I'd moved to functional gifts awhile back. I started with gift certificates and did that for a couple years until my mom whispered to me once that if I'd been thinking of getting them a gift cert, cash is better and easier. Fair enough, cash is king, so for birthdays I'll give them cash in a lucky red envelope. Then even the more practical gifts were given back to me, such as a clothing steamer. (Hmm, I should actually use that more often.) But the past Mother's and Father's Day, I think I did well.

For Mother's Day, I got my mom a small purple Kipling purse, and socks. First, the purse. Amongst my mom's senior citizen ladies group, it sounds like Kipling and Le Sportsac are the bags of preference. Leather and bags with heavy hardware aren't too popular any more, apparently they're too heavy. (I saw one of my friend's mom at a party and noticed she was sporting a lightweight Le Sportsac bag too, haha. Senior trends.) I don't think my mom commented on the purse to me afterwards, but the socks she liked. And these weren't just any snazzy socks. They were circulation socks. I know my mom only has a couple pair of prescription circulation socks, so I bought her another pair from the travel section from Winners, and she loved them. Hahahaha, practical gift at its best!

For Father's Day, I got my dad one of those portable battery chargers for his cellphone, and some sort of glue kit that involves UV light. He was pretty happy, especially with the battery charger, since they're going on vacation in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of vacation, we're going to Vancouver, Victoria and Sidney next week. We're so looking forward to it! Any suggestions on where to go or where to eat? The kids haven't been to British Columbia before, and it's actually been years since I've gone too. I think it may turn into a foodie trip, the kids are already looking forward to food in Richmond. I'm looking forward to just relaxing on the island, we don't anticipate it being as fast paced as previous vacations. The girls have music camp this week, and then next week we head out!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!