Tuesday, June 20, 2017

There was an Old Lady...

Hi everyone!

Some days I feel like an old lady. I'll be turning 39 next month, so I know I'm not ancient by any means, but the wrinkles are coming in, the joints creak, and the white hair is here. I was at my parents' house a few months back, and watching their Chinavision shows, when an Asian brand hair dye commercial comes on. "Look how convenient that is," I commented, as I watched the hair dye be placed on a brush for spot coloring. My mom says she has a couple boxes upstairs, and I ended up taking one of them.

1. You know you're old old when you're mooching hair dye off your senior citizen mother.

And I still haven't used it because I procrastinate.

2. You know you're old when you have to look up vernacular on the Urban Dictionary. I professed my love to the current Lana Del Rey song in my last post, and when I was looking at the comments to the video on You Tube, I noticed so many people saying "I'm shipping these two!" in reference to Lana and the Weeknd. Now, because of the context, I kinda get what they're saying, but nonetheless, I went to look at trusty Urban Dictionary. (In case you don't know what shipping means, the verb form means to endorse a romantic relationship, while noun usage is short for romantic relationship, ie, 'ship.)

3. You know you're old when current vernacular that you had to look up in the Urban Dictionary, annoys you and makes no sense. Also, youngsters, what is with typing words and putting extra letters, eg "I loveeeee it!" I get if you typed looooove for emphasis, but why the extra e's? It's a silent letter! I don't get it.

3a. You know you're old when youngsters make you cranky.

4. You know you're old when you're training your 7 year old to turn on various electronics. I will turn into my mother right away when I don't know what video component goes with what source of television.

5. You know you're old when sweets hurt your teeth now. Man, I can't eat Turtles anymore, it's actually been years since I've eaten them. Plus, my gums are starting to recede.

6. You know you're old when you can't eat as much now. I was blessed with good metabolism until I was 25 and at a desk job. It's been going way downhill from there. Now I find I don't eat as much, which is a good thing, but I was disappointed when I went to a wedding a couple weekends ago, and didn't eat much of the buffet, even though I really wanted to.

7. You know you're old when you say 'tape', as in tape a tv show. Sometimes I remember to say PVR.

8. Speaking of tape, you know you're old when you're at your child's in school field trip, and a set of science cards for the magnet unit shows a VHS tape and VCR, and all the kids say, "I've seen those at my grandparents' house."

9. You know you're old when kids of legal age (that's 18 in Alberta) were born in 1999. Yikes. I was almost done university then. And actually partying like it's 1999.

10. You know you're old when 1996 doesn't seem that long ago. That was 21 years ago. I graduated high school 21 years ago, that's a whole person who can gamble in Las Vegas. Here's a side story though. The last few years I've run into random people I've gone to school with. This year, my daughter joined an after school club/lesson for STEM (science technology engineering math), which we all called Lego club since it involved Lego. Well, the person running it always seemed familiar to me, and I finally realized we went to high school together. We didn't know each other back then, which is why it wasn't obvious. One day, she asked me if I went to the same high school, as she recognized me too. She said to me that we must look pretty good still, since over 20 years later, we recognize someone from school who we didn't even hang out with back in the day! Which, you know what, is very true!

11. You know you're old when your children are becoming little independent people. C is going into grade 3 next year, I think that's the big kid division at their school! And A will be in the school system in kindergarten!

It's been a long time since I've gotten IDed. It used to annoy me, but wouldn't that be nice now. Actually, I got IDed at the Madonna concert a few years back, so that's still pretty good, right? Maybe they were just humoring us.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summertime Happiness

Hi hi everyone! I know, it's been almost a month since I last posted. And you know what I'm going to say, it's been busy busy! In a nutshell, it's been busy with school field trips (between the two kids, John Janzen Nature Centre, Telus World of Science, and upcoming ones to Ukrainian Village and Jackie Parker Park), my number 2 had her preschool graduation and concert, plus the husband had a new business venture go into play at the end of May, so we really have been busy here!

I can't believe it's June and that there's only about two weeks of school left! Thank goodness, I haven't been wanting to get up lately, plus I think I'm over packing school lunches and snacks, haha. Bring on lazy summer days! I talked about teacher gifts in my last post, and I have done nothing since then. Nothing. I think for the preschool teachers it will be cookies plus something felt, I'm thinking maybe felt flower magnets, and for the grade two teachers, it will be Chapters gift cards. I still have time, right?

What kind of music are you guys listening to these days? Gone are my days of devotedly listening to one album, though I still play fave songs on repeat. My current favorite the past few weeks now is Lust for Life, by Lana Del Rey and featuring The Weeknd. I love this song. I actually love Lana Del Rey too, I played her Born to Die album over and over. Okay, I guess I do still have days of devotedly listening to albums. Born to Die was the last hard copy CD I bought. Even my kids are used to that album, and number 2 always fell asleep to it in the car, now I wonder when she listens to one of those songs as an adult, it will automatically put her to sleep.


I'm sad that I can't play Lust for Life while the kids are around though. There's a line that is repeated, "Take off, take off, take off all your clothes," and it's slow and distinct, so I'm sure the kids will be singing that all the time. The last thing I need is for them to break out in song with that particular line at the grocery store.

Now that my kids are getting older, I'm a little more conscious about what they hear in songs. Overall, radio is still safe, but once in awhile, especially with hip hop music, I'm waiting for them to question a lyric. It was throwback Thursday one time, and they were playing Shaggy, It Wasn't Me, on the radio, and the lines 

Honey came in and she caught me red-handed, Creeping with the girl next door, Picture this we were both butt-naked, Banging on the bathroom floor

Auggh, fortunately neither of the girls noticed the lines. Ed Sheeran, Castle on the Hill, was on the other day though,and number 2 asked me what 'drunk' meant, after hearing 'Running from the law through the backfields and getting drunk with my friends'. I gave her my standard response of 'Don't worry about it', haha.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day everyone!