Monday, May 15, 2017

Cactus and Donuts, oh my.

Hi Everyone!

It is officially spring! It finally warmed up a few weeks ago, (literally went from my puffy jacket to tank top in a span of six days). Did some yard clean up and moved some succulents around. I haven't planted anything except for some new ground cover so far though, I'm used to waiting until May long weekend to be safe, but it looks like we're actually good this year. Unfortunately it's been cool and cloudy the past week, so I haven't felt like flower shopping. I'll probably go sometime this week, I only have three or four small planters to work on. Oh, plus vegetables. What kind of vegetables do you like to plant? My favorites are varieties of tomatoes, and zucchini. I planted kale last year too, but the wild bunnies nibbled on them. I think I'll try lettuce or kale in containers this time to deter them this year.

Two more months of school! I can't believe the school year is almost done. My kids will be big kids this fall! C will be in grade 3, and A will be in kindergarten! Wow. Anyways, end of the school year means I need to start thinking of end of year gifts for teachers. For A's preschool teachers (5 of them), I was thinking coffee cards and a handmade cactus for each of them if I can get my act together. I've made them gingersnaps in the past and they seem to like them, so probably a batch of those too, since it's A's last year with them.

Or maybe I should do felt donuts. Have I ever mentioned I love working with felt?

For C's teachers, probably a Chapters bookstore gift card, and maybe something hand made, it depends how much time I'll have.

How about you, what do you get your kids' teachers?

Have a great day everyone! I look forward to this long weekend. Lessons are cancelled, I hope the weather is good, and the kids get a few more days off, so there should be some good family time. Or they'll drive me crazy, hahahaha. Have a great one!