Thursday, April 27, 2017


This is a t-shirt that I bought my eldest daughter the first time we took her to San Diego when she was 18 months old, back in 2011. We were worried that she would be fussy on the plane ride, but she was such a good girl. When we landed, even the people sitting around us commented that she was so well behaved on the plane.

I bought this t-shirt at one of the outlets near San Diego. I had accidentally picked up a size 5 instead of a size 3. What was I thinking, now we would have to wait such a long time before she could wear this!

My daughter is now 7. I stretched out how long she could wear this shirt, and now it is too short. I take it out of the t-shirt drawer of her dresser. How did this happen? This shirt was so large for her before, and now she can't even wear it anymore.

Where does the time go? It is so cliche, but they really do grow up fast. It seemed like yesterday that I grabbed the wrong size shirt, with my husband shaking his head at me for being sloppy, that I was waiting for her to turn 5 so she could finally wear the shirt.

The shirt will get another life soon. My little daughter will be turning 5 this summer, so it is waiting patiently in the closet to be worn again.

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