Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mini Me

Bonjour mes amies!

I know, it's been awhile (again) that I haven't posted anything. I hope everyone had a good Easter break. Ours was good, we had turkey dinner at my parents and saw some relatives that we hadn't seen in awhile...Speaking of Easter, I just had a Twix egg from the Easter candy stash, and now my teeth hurt. Sigh. Sweets aren't the same now that I'm older. Anyone else feel the same? That's probably for the best though.

I've been busy with appointments these past two weeks, it's just that time of year. Doctor check ups, acupuncture, hair cut, and saw the dentist yesterday. I go to the dentist literally once a year, and that's when Little A doesn't feel well and I miss calls from the teachers at the preschool, miss calls and texts from the husband asking where I am (clearly he doesn't pay attention to when I say I have appointments) and in the end the husband ended up having to leave work to pick up A at school. Though I think he may have secretly been happy to leave work for a couple hours.

Do you find it funny or eerie when your kids say things that you say? It really is 'monkey see, monkey do' sometimes. And it's starting to span generations, I don't know what's worse, that I'm turning into my mother or my daughters are turning into me. Does this mean we're all turning into each other?

Things my Mini Mes say:

"Fine." What I always say when I reluctantly let them do something.

"Seriously?" Just something that I always say.

A three year old C years ago also used the word "gong show" to describe the playground, hahaha.

Things that I say now that my mother says/used to say when I was a child:

"What kind of name is that Mom?" "What kind of name is your name?"

"Just because someone else says/does that, doesn't mean you should too."

"You're my child and you play by my rules."

**Some of these are loosely translated, as my mom speaks Cantonese to me.

I always thought my mom was paranoid for checking the stove and such before we left the house. Now I find that I do it too, and if I don't, I'm paranoid I'll come and find that the house has burnt to the ground.

I need to start picking up the kids soon, and that reminds me, I better check the stove to make sure it is off before I go. I was cooking some broth for tonight's dinner, we're having ramen and wontons tonight, yum!

Have a great day!

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