Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Hey everyone! Just a quick post for me today.

I want to talk wheatgrass. I was wandering around the produce area at Save On Foods the other day, and saw a little container of wheatgrass for just $2.99! I bought it, and went to look up how I can make it into a wheatgrass shot. I went simple and basically cut half the grass down, and blended it with about half a cup of water. I then froze the juice into blocks, using the baby block tray that I used when I made the girls pureed baby foods. Score one for keeping things (ahem, I'm not hoarding) that will be useful at another time.

Wheatgrass is weird. I'm not into juicing or even buying healthy smoothies (like the Mighty Kale that my husband likes at Jugo Juice, or was it Booster Juice, I don't even know), but I've heard there a benefits to wheatgrass, since you can add a wheatgrass shot into smoothies, and I read somewhere that a shot of wheatgrass is equivalent to the nutrients of  4 pounds of vegetables. But back to wheatgrass is weird. After I've blended it, it smells just like freshly cut grass! Hmm. Anyways, I've taken a couple shots, and I figure it can't hurt. And the wheatgrass plant looks nice on my kitchen counter. A touch of spring and nature in the kitchen.

What have I been Netflixing lately? I've been watching Jane the Virgin. I had meant to just check it out, as I thought the premise seemed kinda silly, however, the rating was nearly 5 stars on Netflix, it was just short a point on a star to be a perfect 5 stars. And oh my goodness, it is so funny. I've never actually watched a telanovella, but it is mocking/in homage of telanovellas. Long lost families! Twins! Narration! I'm on season two, and there are a lot of episodes in each season, I believe there are 3 seasons on Netflix. I'm always hesitant to start new shows that have a lot of seasons, as I usually get sucked in. This one is good since it's light and funny, it doesn't require as much concentration as, for example, a timepiece series. I need to finish watching The Crown, and start Downton Abbey.

Anyways, that's it for me today, have a great day!

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