Monday, March 13, 2017

Seriously, Daylight Saving...

Hi everyone. How is your morning after daylight savings? Why do we still do this? In all seriousness, an MLA in Edmnonton is championing getting rid of daylight saving, and I'm all for it. Let's live like the Saskatchewaners. (Saskatchewanite?)

We woke up at new 7:30 am yesterday morning, the first morning after, did a quick grocery run, and had skating lessons. Then I'm not sure what happened to the rest of the day, but all of a sudden it was dinner time. The husband made chicken pho for the first time, yum. C went to bed with no issues, but I think A knew something was up, she fussed for a bit before going to sleep. The kids slept in later today because of the time change, so that was good, since they wake up really early normally. I had a hard time waking up. Heh, even the roads seemed quieter on the way to school. I'm currently drinking coffee.

Did everyone have a good weekend? I went for a much needed girls night out. My four girlfriends and I went for an early pasta dinner, and then had a paint night planned. I'd never been to a paint night and was looking forward to it. The funniest thing happened, after we paid the bill, our server asked us what we were up to. We said we were going to paint night at ABC Bar and Grill*. The server made a face and we were like, what, is it not a good place? She said is was a bit sketchy. Later on she brought over a hostess for her opinion, and she dramatically same thing. A few minutes later, the manager came over and introduced himself, wished us luck, and hoped all of us would make it out of the bar together. Hahahaha! By now is was turning into a big funny exaggerated drama, so off we went to hesitantly check it out.

The bar was a dark neighbourhood dive, and the painting area was just in the back corner with about a dozen seats and easels. Another group joined us there. It was fun and fine! A friend who'd been to paint nights before said the last couple she'd gone to were at more mainstream larger pubs which were set up for more people to paint.

So here's some backstory that makes this night even more funny to my friends and I. We bought this paint night through Groupon. The friend who organized this girls night out and who had suggested the Groupon is notorious for her coupon outings. In the past, my friend, who I'll call Cece, had a coupon for a hotel for a trip to the Calgary Stampede. I was not part of this travel group, but I heard that the hotel (perhaps motel) was gross and sketchy. Another time time, Cece had a coupon to a bar/lounge. I can't even remember what the bar was or what the coupon was for, probably free admission and drinks. Anyways, there were strippers involved for whatever reason, and they were not exactly pleasant to the eye. I remember a lot of hair, I'm thinking mullets and an 80s look. Shudder. All I remember is we were at the back of the bar and praying that the guys weren't going to make their way to our table. So haha, one more coupon story! I guess we were due for one.


*Name has been changed so bar remains anonymous.
**The original painting had a girl and a cat, but I chose to do two girls to represent my girls.

On another note, I've been baking fresh bread like crazy. I made three last week (one was for my parents). I have a Zojirushi bread machine that my husband bought me for a past birthday. I love it! I actually haven't made bread in ages, but now I'm wondering why I've been putting it off so long. The recipe that came with the machine didn't seem to work for me, the bread always became hard the day after baking. But I got another recipe from a friend, and that one works really well. I don't know if my water is too hot, but my bread has been rising like crazy, it actually hits the top of the machine and is ready to explode out, haha.

Mmm, I'm going have some for lunch. Break time! Have a great day!

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