Thursday, March 9, 2017


Hi everyone! I know, I know, I've been MIA again lately. There was one week where I was hardly on social media, I guess I just needed to unplug a little bit.

What have I been up to as of late? Well, since I last posted, I managed to go to two movies. I know! This never gets to happen. The husband and I went on a day date and saw John Wick Chapter Two. It was good, such a simple storyline but so entertaining. Last week during Teacher's Convention, we went to see Ballerina. Daughter number two had seen the commercials on tv and declared that she wanted to see it. For a rough and tumble girl, she really likes the frou frou stuff. I went to watch Ballerina with no expectations (how exciting is a movie about an orphan aspiring to be a ballerina going to be?) but it was actually quite good. And it was made by a Canadian company, so good to support home grown entertainment.

I've been into organizing the house lately. So I've been doing even more Pinteresting than usual. Last week I rearranged the play room, so now I think it looks better. I'm hoping to put up some photos in there, and debating if I should put up a cork board. Next up is the basement. We have a craft/office/junk room that I cleared out a little bit yesterday. I moved all of the husband's MBA textbooks into my mom's room. My mom doesn't live with us, but that is her room when she stays overnight to help me if S is out of town. I don't want her room too cluttered since she stays there, and I think I need to up the decor in there. But I think the books in there are okay, they're nice and tidy on a bookshelf. I may need a bigger one to make it neater though. Next step is to re-org the craft room. Also, the living area of the basement is a glorified play area which we're thinking we need to organize into a real space now.

I'm also itching to get some new furniture. Our living room couch is brown leather from 10 years ago and looking quite dated, plus the leather is starting to come off in small patches, due to little fingers I believe. Realistically though, I think we'll wait a few more years so the girls don't destroy it. Hmm, maybe I can downgrade the bonus room sofa to the basement.

Spring is so close. But it has been so cold in Edmonton, winter's fingers are not letting go. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow! Argh. Anyways, since I've been away for awhile, I just wanted to write a quick post. Don't forget to set forward the clocks this Saturday!

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