Monday, March 20, 2017

It was a Good Day

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend! I had a really good weekend, and I'm not just saying that for pleasantries.

It was a actually a long weekend, the kids had Friday off since it was a PD day. We spent a good part of the day at one of C's friends house, whose mom I am friends with too. It was a good play date for all of us.

Saturday was busy but a really good day. Our realtor had invited us to a special screening of Beauty and the Beast! It just opened in theatres on Friday, so this was a good chance for us to watch the movie. The theatre was packed, and the realtor and associates went all out, we each got popcorn and drinks, and the girls even got roses, a la Beauty and the Beast. We even won a door prize ($50 to Brown's Social House), and we never win anything.

I didn't really think about what the movie would be like, I figured it would be like the cartoon. It was verbatim with cartoon in some scenes, and there were a few added songs and slightly more character development as well. The girls enjoyed it, as did we. The movie was 2 hours long (we didn't even get previews), so it was a little bit longer than what the girls were used to sitting through at a movie theatre. It's funny, around that 90 minute mark, you could see younger kids in the theatre getting a little antsy, and needing bathroom breaks. We had a quick yummy lunch at Good Buddy, and then dropped the kids off at my parents' house.

Before we'd even planned on going to the movie, the husband and I had originally planned on doing a date day/night on his birthday weekend. A coworker of S had invited him to a movie premiere of a Canadian movie, Heel Kick, which his brother stars in. My husband asked if I wanted to go to this mocumentary about professional wrestling. I'm not a big wrestling fan (I'd caught some in the late 90s when my brother was watching the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin et al), but thought what the heck, let's watch it. The movie was actually really funny, and they even had a Q and A with cast and crew after the movie, which was playing at the Garneau/Metro Cinema. Support Canadian movies!

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After the movie, we hustled over to Beaumont for a much anticipated dinner at Chartier. Chartier is located in a town just south of Edmonton, which opened last spring. This restaurant is interesting because the owners took to crowdsourcing to open it, which you can read about here. The menu is modern French Canadian, such as tortiere, which is what I ate, yum. There were so many options, and I was so tempted to get poutine as an appetizer, or the lobster meal for two which included poutine. So many choices, so little stomach room. My husband and I had mussels for the appetizer, and I had the tortiere, consisting of a flaky pastry, and a filling of pork, bison and duck confit. S had the pork chow chow, which I snuck a few bites of, and was really good too, the pork was so tender, and the lentils were tasty. We were stuffed and had the poor man's bread pudding for dessert.

Such a good meal, and service was good. We will visit again!

The kids had fun at the grandparents, when we left them in the afternoon, they were playing in the snow in the backyard. When I called them on the way back into Mill Woods after dinner, C said she was really tired, hahaha. The girls had a busy day.

Mmm, now I'm hungry again. Have a great day!

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