Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Hi everyone! It's a beautiful spring like day! 16 above my friends! The snow is melting at a ferocious pace, and my car is disgustingly dirty. I have been looking forward to a warm day like today so that I can chip at the ice on my curb! The thawing of ice and snow leave a puddle on the sidewalk in front of my house, which in turn freezes and thaws. I get a sick satisfaction of chipping away at the ice so that the water can flow to the sewage drain one house over. A few blisters, sore arms, and a claw like right hand later, I can happily see from my front window that the is water flowing to the drain. Ahh, bliss :)

So today I want to talk superstitions. Superstitions are a funny thing. How some people are superstitious, while others aren't so concerned. Don't break mirrors! Watch out for black cats crossing your path! Don't walk under a ladder! Don't even mention Friday the 13th!

Have you ever noticed there is not an aisle 13 at Save On Foods? I worked at one while finishing up university, and only noticed then. No aisle13 at the grocery stores cracks me up. Even if there is no 13 listed, it is still the 13th aisle. Hmm, I don't know if the other grocery stores have an aisle 13, I'll have to check.

I'm sure all cultures and groups have their own superstitions, but the Chinese are extremely superstitious. I'm going to talk about just houses right now. I haven't done any research, I'm just going to tell you about the things I've heard from my own family. We are of Cantonese background, so I'm not sure if the following apply to all or most Chinese groups, or just the southern ones.

The Number 4

Chinese people in general don't like the number 4. It is because it sounds like 'die', as in death. The tones are slightly different, so they're not true homonyms. But the Chinese love their puns and it's close enough. Anyways, some people refuse to have the number 4 on anything. License plates, house numbers...The number 4 has actually never bothered me. It's been in all my house numbers, both as a child and my own homes as a grown up. I'd even say it's one of my favourite numbers, since I had 4 people in my family as a child, and my own family now as an adult.

Parallel Doors

My parents had their current house built when I was around 9, so I'd heard about a few things about what is 'lucky' or not lucky. The front door and back door can not be parallel and line up. Otherwise, money that comes into the house will flow directly out of the house.

Front Door at an Angle

Similar to parallel doors. the front door should not be at an angle, it should be parallel to the sidewalk. I think this one has to do with luck and fortunate not having an easy way into the home.

Stairs Parallel to the Front Door

Stairs should not line up to the front door, otherwise luck will not enter the entirety of the house.

And there's a whole bunch of feng shui stuff that I don't even know about!

Have a great day! Don't step on any cracks, or you'll break your mother's back! ;)

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