Thursday, February 9, 2017

Good Morning Sunshine!

Hi everyone! Auggh, my Netflix isn't loading, does anyone else have that problem when they try to sign on through the tv? Loading it onto the ipad or through whatever PS box my husband has has never given us issues, but through the tv? Bad bad bad.

Well, I didn't realize it has been this long since I've posted anything. It was a busy couple weeks of CNY, lots of eating. Last Wednesday was busy, line up for kindergarten registration, (don't even ask, the program at the high school is in high demand), in school field trip for C, signing up for the kids' swimming through the City, and I'd gone back and forth to C's school 4 times that day.

I've been feeling lazy lately. But lazy and creative, I've been back into making felt crafts these past few weeks, in addition to using the knitting loom like a mad person. I've made lots of felt food off and on over the years. It started as toys and accessories for my friends' kids (the oldest in the group) and then I've made some for my other friends over the years, as well as for my girls. I love felt, it's so versatile, and better yet, it doesn't fray! Maybe felt is my calling and I can do something lucrative with it. First, I better build a stock.

I can't believe it's Thursday already! It was a short school week, as the kids had a PD day on Monday, so we did some crafts and some baking. I'd picked up a cast iron waffle pan last week (at Superstore for $10!) so I played with that on Monday, knowing I need to get the hang of using it before making real waffles. It's nice in that it won't scratch, I have an electric waffle maker and two of the teflon coated plates are scratched. I'd looked into the cast iron ones before as a potential replacement, but they were expensive, so I was happy to see this cheapy one in the flyer to try out.

You can see one of my fails above. Actually, it's not bad, but the pan needs a lot of spray to make it non-stick. You need to really watch the temperature, I got some crispy ones too. And I've always been on the fence about whether I like our gas stove, but it's good for cast iron pans. I can't even imagine the damage I would do if I used the pan on our old ceramic topped one.

And here's my pretty one, staged for my Instagram shot. Yum! I just used some Bisquick for the first trial run. Looking forward to trying other recipes. Note so self: remember to grease the pan!

It's been cold in Edmonton again. The kids have been sick off and on the last few weeks. I've cleaned a lot of vomit, in the car, on the toilet (so close, but C missed and got it all over the grooves), and alas, the shaggy rug ('Girls, if you need to throw up, don't do it on the hairy rug, do it on the hardwood!) Now C has a cold. It's supposed to warm up again this weekend. No wonder the roads are wrecked here, up and done 20-30 degrees each week.

It's almost Friday! Happy Friday Eve! 💜

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