Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lost Friends

We haven't lost too many stuffed animals. C has lost 3 friends and surprisingly, I don't think A has lost anyone, though she has lost a good number of hats.

Let me preface this by saying that almost all the stuffed animals in our house have a name, and his/her own little personality.

The first one we lost was Magnus the Moose. My brother was working in Sweden while I was pregnant with C, and brought home a moose for her. He was about six inches tall, and wore a little knit sweater with the flag of Sweden on it. I think I was still on mat leave when we lost him, and I had taken C out. Guess where we lost him? We were at Ikea. We had just gotten in the the store and up the escalator when I noticed C didn't have him any more. I even back tracked, but he was gone. I guess Magnus thought he was back home in Sweden, and took off when he saw all the Swedish names in the store. I'm sad we lost him, but it makes for a funny story. I wonder if someone found him and thought he was one of the toys in the stuffie area, and if anyone went so far as to try and buy him, since, you know, he looks like he could be an item that could be sold at good old Ikea. (Side story: C used to be really excited whenever we drove by Ikea, and would scream out "Blue yellow, blue yellow!" when she was around 2 years old. I think the idea of the building excited her more than the actual inside did.)

Purdy the Hedgehog was the next one. He was actually my doll, given to me by one of my friends back in high school for either Christmas or a birthday. Purdy could fit in the palm of my hand, and was named Purdy in honor of the chocolate hedgehog. C had taken Purdy out to an extended family dinner, I think it was my great uncle's since we went to a Chinese restaurant in the north side. I think he just got left on the table and because he was so small, no one noticed him when we left. C must have been around 2 years old, I don't think we had A yet. Or maybe we did, honestly, I can't remember, but it was a good few years ago.

Silver the Cat was one of those TY stuffies, and I think her TY name on the tag was actually Silver. I believe one of S's friends bought her for C, I think as a welcome baby present. Silver was the flavour of the month and even made it into C's two year old professional pictures. I think we lost her soon after the photo shoot, while we were out and about. I thinkshe got dropped on the way to the car, I want to say at Superstore, but am not sure.

*Tiny the Triceratops. Okay, I know this is the fourth one, and it comes with a disclaimer. He is missing, but I think he is in the house somewhere. He is another tiny stuffie that can fit in the palm of your hand, and was actually purchased by myself when I was a teenager, I think at the dinosaur show that took place on Grierson Hill near across from the Shaw Building. Or maybe he was from Drumheller. In any case, he was an old toy picked up from my parents house. He was another one of C's favourites, last seen last Christmas break, 2015. He's so small that I think he will turn up one of these days in a coat pocket, purse, toy purse, toy box, back of a drawer, who knows. A also has been caught hiding C's toys, so who knows if she hid Tiny somewhere in the house. He'll probably pop out ten years from now.

We've had a few other near misses, but strangers are very kind about kids dropping their toys and there were several times where someone would tell us that one of the girls had dropped their little friend. This is also why the favourites aren't allowed out of the house and thank goodness we've never lost the cow or a dot dot.

Have a great day! :)

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