Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a good Christmas break. Mine was good, really busy the first half (and a lot of eating) and then slowed down a bit towards the end. The kids went back to school today, and I'm glad to get back on regular schedule.

It's been cold and snowy again for the past week. Our driveway is quite long, so we bought a snowblower a few years back. We didn't really need it last year as it was a pretty dry winter, so this year of course, we haven't been able to get it going. The husband got it going once at the beginning of winter, but it's been no go since. As long as the accumulation of snow isn't too much in a short period, I don't mind shovelling too much, it's a way for me to get some exercise, especially in light of all the holiday eating.

The holidays may be over, but it is going to be a busy month! My oldest daughter, C, is turning 7! I can't believe my little big headed preemie (at 7 lb, 7 oz!) was born almost 7 years ago. Have I ever mentioned my birthing story of C? Maybe I'll tell it in a future post. Let's just say it was a doozie, and whatever birthing plan we may have had went out the window. Sometimes it seems like an eternity ago, and most often it seems just like yesterday. Such a big girl now and in grade 2. I finished her invitations over the break and she's supposed to pass them out today.

Also, Chinese New Year falls early early this year. C's birthday is actually on New Year's Eve, so it will be busy times, between family dinners and New Year's festivities with school. It will be Year of the Chicken. I know of a lot of chickens, my little brother is a chicken, so it is his year this year, though I guess he's not so little any more since this means he will be 36. I have a couple little cousins that are also chickens, as well as one of my bestie's daughters, all who are turning 12 this year. Full cycle already! Instead of doing a family birthday party for C at our house like we usually do, we'll just take her to her favourite restaurant so she can eat to her heart and stomach's content of xiao long bao, woh teep (both types of dumplings), green onion cakes and whatever else she wants.

Have a great day and stay warm! I'm going to do some writing, and after that, probably some knitting. This is more of a post script, but a friend gave me some knitting looms, and I'm proud to say that I have successfully made 3 toques! This is great for me since I don't know how to knit or crochet. Happy Monday!

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