Wednesday, January 25, 2017

7th Birthday Party

Hi everyone! It's already Wednesday! It was another busy weekend. Swimming in the morning, came home to shower and have lunch, and then off to Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre to check out some Chinese New Festivities. For dinner, we went to my daughter's favourite restaurant, Shanghai 456 so C could happily eat dumplings at her family birthday party, which was just us and her two sets of grandparents.

On Sunday, we had C's friend birthday party at 4 Cats studio. It was so much fun! I've dropped off C there for a birthday party in the past, but have never hosted one there. It was really cool in there, I enjoyed looking at all the artwork, and the paint and colors were so pretty and cheery that I had to take a picture. I should have taken a picture of the splatter room, that's where they tape canvas to the wall and you just throw balloons filled with paint on it to make abstract paintings. S said that's what he wants to do for his next birthday.

We had 10 little girls in total, and they made dragons. After the sculpting, S and I got the girls snacks and cupcakes. Michelle the instructor was good with the kids. A was the youngest one there and did really well, even the instructor commented that A would be fine by herself for a drop off party or class. And I even got the chance to make one!

I made cupcakes for C's party, but I've never been good at icing, I don't have the patience nor finesse. Since the girls are little, I figured I could distract them from the imperfections with sprinkles and unicorns, haha. It seemed to work. I took the easy way and made the cupcakes from a cake mix, and even got fancy and got the kind with confetti sprinkles within, The kids were pretty impressed. Mmm, I love cream cheese icing.

C's real birthday is Friday, so I'll probably go pick up some cupcakes from the local bakery for her. 

Have a great day!

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