Monday, December 12, 2016

13 Days Until Christmas!

Hello hello everyone! I know, I know, it's been almost a month since I've posted. I hope I haven't lost the few readers that I may or may not have had!

It's been crazy busy. The kids had a week off in November, so we went to California, more on that another time. Then since we've been home, I've been on Christmas mode. Decorating the house, and then shopping. I'm happy to say that I was completely done last week. I've wrapped some and have a few more to wrap. Today I got some gingersnap dough ready, and have put it in the freezer in anticipation of gifting cookies for Christmas.

And it's been freezing here, we are in week 2 of the deep freeze. I'm not even exaggerating, most days last week when we got up it was -24 C, plus windchill it would be at best -30. Ugh. Hard to believe that a month ago I was basking in +36 degree  weather. And even complaining about it...I just wanted a nice warm 22 degrees!

We've had some Christmas festivities, such as Festival of Trees, A's Christmas concert, checking out the lights at the Leg (Alberta Legislature grounds) before the deep freeze, and a gingerbread decoration party at a friends.

I've got a little bit of time to veg now. I'm finally catching up on the new Gilmore Girls, Summer episode right now as I type. I still have This is Us to catch up on, and Fuller House to start!

Okay, now I'm just distracted. Have a great day everyone!

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