Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Review

Hi everyone!

It feels like it's been really busy the last few days and today I finally get to stay at home and do some work and chores. It's my long day at home by myself, since C has club after school today. Currently enjoying a coffee and apple streudel :)

How was your Halloween? We've been so spoiled with Halloween having been on weekends in the past that it felt so rushed this year. I headed over to C's school for their assembly and parade on Monday afternoon, and saw all the little kids in their costumes. So cute! After that, there wasn't enough time to head home, so grabbed a quick tea with a friend and then picked up my girls after school. Rushed home so C could do some homework and then headed to my friend's house nearby to meet up with her and another friend's girls to do some trick or treating after a quick pizza dinner. It was a nice evening, and Bailey's and coffee made it even nicer for the moms haha. The girls all got a really good haul.

Meanwhile at home, my husband stayed in to pass candy. We're tucked in a cul de sac, and the neighbourhood is pretty windy with lots of no-house streets, so there hasn't been a lot of trick or treaters. We had just under 40 this year. I told the husband that he might as well just leave a bowl out and go with us next year. It wasn't that busy in my friend's neighbourhood either, except for one street, and I find it very strange. We were all discussing that it was crazy busy when we were kids, and I have no doubt that our previous neighbourhood would be crazy busy.

Here are a few pics. We carved pumpkins on Sunday afternoon. I heard from some friends/saw on FB that there was a pumpkin shortage on the weekend, saw some jack o'lanterns made of various squash and watermelon!

By chance we had a 'Norwegian Princess' wig that I bought for cheap from Wal-Mart last year during Halloween clearance. A looked so cute in it! But she refused to wear it again after this photo shoot at the grandparents' place. So no wig wearing at school or trick or treating :(

I must confess I'm getting a little bit excited about Christmas being around the corner. I told the girls that we can start decorating mid month. I like to wait until Remembrance Day has passed. It's been a pretty mild winter so far, and it's November already! I heard on the radio on the way to school that it's supposed to be +18 degrees Celsius this Saturday! Have a great day!

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