Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I love to travel. To get away from the daily grind, to visit new places, see new things, taste new foods. 

Highlights of adult travel without children:

·         beauty of Venice and a mouth watering seafood lasagna that I still talk about 15 years later
·         last minute decision to buy Broadway tickets and seeing Avenue Q in New York City
·         walking up and down hills in San Francisco
·         cheesiness of wearing Maid in the Mist ponchos in the middle of Niagara Falls
·         walking through the streets of Paris with my boyfriend (now my husband)
·         outlet shopping!
·         partying with friends at Tao in Las Vegas
·         food, food, food

Some people travel with their kids when they are just months old, but for me, that is way more work than it’s worth. We finally decided to go on trips when each daughter was just under two years old (to take advantage of the free airfare before they turn two.) Highlights of travel with toddlers:

·         lugging car seats, strollers, two children, carry on bags, and two suitcases
·         sitting in the car for an hour because toddler fell asleep and needed her nap
·         looking for food kiosks at Disneyland that serve rice, because that is all toddler will eat
·         grumpy toddler kicking my dinner (plate of pasta) to the floor
·         washroom and diaper changes at the most inconvenient times
·         early nights, which meant having a late night snack in the dark once the babes were sleeping, either eating near or in the washroom of our hotel room

Well. Clearly travelling sans kids is more fun. But…we have made so many new family memories: 

·         waiting in line for hours to catch a glimpse of the new baby panda at the San Diego Zoo
·         checking out the opening of Heartlake City at Legoland
·         watching the sun set at the beach and burying our feet in the warm sand
·         chasing Pluto at Disneyland to get his autograph 
·         sharing a Disneyland turkey drumstick like a real Neanderthal family would
·         riding the Ariel ride for the tenth time 
·         watching my little princesses’ eyes light up when they met all the princesses at Disneyland

We’ve only had one trip without the kids, and that was to go to a wedding in Calgary (we live in Edmonton) which is not even three hours south. It was overnight, and we missed the girls so much that we went back home right after breakfast. If the girls are not with us, they are all we think about and talk about. While there is a part of me that would love to go travel without the girls, the bigger part of me would much rather travel with my family unit. Even if the kids drive me crazy.

Looking forward to our next trip!

Monday, November 7, 2016

After Daylight Savings

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend!

Did everyone get to sleep in on Sunday morning? I don't know what the point of daylight savings is anymore, we're all used to the dark, especially since daylight savings has been even later the last few years. It used to take place before Halloween, and now it's after. My kids woke up at 5:10 am new time. Fortunately they let us sleep for another hour or two.

They fell asleep last evening. Yesterday felt like the longest day ever. Does anyone else find that the day after daylights savings is a long day? Today the girls woke up at 5:20! They said they went back to sleep, I can't confirm if they really did, because I went back to sleep for another hour. We ate breakfast early and quickly this morning, so they had over half an hour to play, usually we have just enough time to eat and then have to head out to school right away. I even had time, so I did some vacuuming before taking them to school.

It was nice that it wasn't dark on our way out though.

Have a great day! Let's hope the kids get on to the new schedule :)

Saturday, November 5, 2016


I finally joined the 21st century just over a month ago and signed up for an Instagram account. (You can find me @polkadot168.)

Now I'm addicted. I am loving the simplicity of square pictures, looking at others' pictures, and adding my own. I am enjoying stylising potential pictures, and just quickly snapping a photo with my iPhone. I haven't learned the art of doing it yet, and my lighting is usually bad, but I am admiring my pictures none the less. Especially the ones showcasing my cooking/baking. One of these days I hope to master using the manual function of the DSLR, rather than just using the manual function. But let's take it one step at a time, haha.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Review

Hi everyone!

It feels like it's been really busy the last few days and today I finally get to stay at home and do some work and chores. It's my long day at home by myself, since C has club after school today. Currently enjoying a coffee and apple streudel :)

How was your Halloween? We've been so spoiled with Halloween having been on weekends in the past that it felt so rushed this year. I headed over to C's school for their assembly and parade on Monday afternoon, and saw all the little kids in their costumes. So cute! After that, there wasn't enough time to head home, so grabbed a quick tea with a friend and then picked up my girls after school. Rushed home so C could do some homework and then headed to my friend's house nearby to meet up with her and another friend's girls to do some trick or treating after a quick pizza dinner. It was a nice evening, and Bailey's and coffee made it even nicer for the moms haha. The girls all got a really good haul.

Meanwhile at home, my husband stayed in to pass candy. We're tucked in a cul de sac, and the neighbourhood is pretty windy with lots of no-house streets, so there hasn't been a lot of trick or treaters. We had just under 40 this year. I told the husband that he might as well just leave a bowl out and go with us next year. It wasn't that busy in my friend's neighbourhood either, except for one street, and I find it very strange. We were all discussing that it was crazy busy when we were kids, and I have no doubt that our previous neighbourhood would be crazy busy.

Here are a few pics. We carved pumpkins on Sunday afternoon. I heard from some friends/saw on FB that there was a pumpkin shortage on the weekend, saw some jack o'lanterns made of various squash and watermelon!

By chance we had a 'Norwegian Princess' wig that I bought for cheap from Wal-Mart last year during Halloween clearance. A looked so cute in it! But she refused to wear it again after this photo shoot at the grandparents' place. So no wig wearing at school or trick or treating :(

I must confess I'm getting a little bit excited about Christmas being around the corner. I told the girls that we can start decorating mid month. I like to wait until Remembrance Day has passed. It's been a pretty mild winter so far, and it's November already! I heard on the radio on the way to school that it's supposed to be +18 degrees Celsius this Saturday! Have a great day!