Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Learning Mandarin

This post is about me learning Mandarin.

C did really well in Mandarin last year in grade 1, my little baby got an A! We have rough days where she gets frustrated, but when we ask if she wants to continue to learn Mandarin, she always says yes. I'm proud to say that I still get most of this year's homework so far, haha. There's no way I can write all the characters that C has learned, but I can still read the bulk of them, and have even learned new ones.

I downloaded a couple Mandarin kids' song album for the girls to listen to, and sadly, most of it is too fast for me to understand completely. A learns a bit of Mandarin in preschool too, they usually learn a song or two for their concerts. Last year she actually taught me one while I was keeping her company at bed time.

We were listening to another song in the car, and I understand bits and pieces of it. I asked the girls what the song was about. A said she learned it in school, and said she saw the video in school, that the song was about a tiger with no ears and another with no tail. I asked C if this was correct and she said yes. Honestly, it's like pulling teeth to get information from her sometimes. I got the words for ears in Mandarin, and kept forgetting the word for tail. I asked C a few times at home, but I still kept forgetting. I still don't remember, haha. I love the role reversal of how I'm asking my daughter for the word in Chinese, and when I was younger, it would be my mom asking me for a word in English.

Here's the video. I need to look at the pinyin (English sounds with accents for pronunciation) to get the whole song.

"Two Tigers" Liang Zhi Lao Hu 儿歌-两只老虎_动画

Ah ha, just watched it. Ears are mei duo, and tail is wei ba (sorry, I don't have the tone accents.)

Have a great day! 

再见 zài jiàn (good bye!)

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