Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

It's another dreary Monday, but the past weekend was warm and sunny. My husband even got the Christmas lights up! We had a good weekend, it was a long weekend since it was a PD Day for the girls. On Friday we did some Halloween crafts, and then went to my parents in the afternoon and stayed for dinner.

We ran some errands on Saturday, played outside, and the girls watched Cars 2. 

On Sunday, the girls had their skating lessons and then A attended her first birthday party that afternoon! The birthday boy is in kindergarten, who gets bussed to A's Montessori school in the afternoons. She was the only girl from the preschool there, and I think that's how the birthday parents knew it was her. A was sooo excited to go to her first party, but was so shy once she got there. The party was at Treehouse, and I think part of it was that she was overwhelmed, she did comment that it was noisy there. It was her first party without her big sister or other older family friends, so she was clingy. After cake and snacks, A warmed up, and even asked the birthday boy to go play with her, so off they went with their cup of tokens to play games. A's favorite was the fishing one, and she traded her winning tickets for gummy candies.

My girls can't party hard, they're pooped after a weekend of fun, and were asleep by 8 last night. It's a good thing I don't schedule them into too many activities. Hopefully they're like this when they're teenagers, this way they'll come home and not stay out too late, haha.

Have a great day!

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