Thursday, October 6, 2016

Acupuncture (and Thanksgiving!)

It was a rough start this morning. I woke up because my girls are loud speakers, and wondered why they sounded so awake before my alarm rang, which is supposed to be at 6:15. Roll over to check my clock, it's 7:15! The kids wake us up at 6 am on the weekends,but on weekdays, they apparently let me sleep in (S was long gone to the gym and work already.) Rush the girls to get ready, and rush downstairs to get all the breakfast and lunch ready. The girls ate their fruit in the car. And after I came home from grocery shopping, I realized I forgot to pack A her milk cup and her plastic bowl. Whoops.

I finally went for acupuncture yesterday! I haven't been in almost two and a half years, and I went yesterday because my wrist has been hurting, and I feel like my hormones have been kind of wonky. I fear perimenopause is waiting for me around the corner. I really like my acupuncturist too, I have a good rapport with her, and look forward to my next appointment next week.

I totally endorse acupuncture. Back in 2008, I got pregnant fairly easily, but miscarried about 7 weeks in. After that, we weren't able to get pregnant. A friend of a friend referred me to an acupuncturist who specialized in fertility, who then referred me to my current acupuncturist; I can't remember why didn't go to the first one, I think her hours and location weren't as convenient for me. I got pregnant with C right away, and continued to go to acupuncture during pregnancy. In fact, it is when I've been pregnant that I regularly go for acupuncture. It has helped me with nausea, back aches, tendinitis and carpel tunnel, and all sorts of other ailments. I like western medicine, but believe a blend of east meets west is great, acupuncture has existed for thousands of years for a reason. (Psst, just as an FYI, my acupuncturist isn't even Asian!)

Next step should be Chinese soups. I don't make them at home, but I'm hoping to learn a bit more from my parents and some books. I'm not a big fan of the weird herbal sticks and dried stuff, but I do acknowledge that soups can help the body. My husband loves Chinese soup, and keeps nattering at me to learn and make it at home since I have more time on my hands.

It's Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend!. We are having both sides of family over this weekend (both sets of our parents and siblings plus applicable family), complete with turkey dinner, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pork roast, creamed corn, pumpkin bread, and so much more! We want to do a traditional western Thanksgiving dinner, haha. Inevitably, holiday dinners usually become an east meets west meal if our parents bring food (eg noodles, salad rolls) but I think the moms are bring dessert, east style of course. Egg tarts courtesy of my mom, and taro tapioca soup dessert from my mother in law. I know that dessert sounds kind of weird, I'm not sure what it's called in English, it's sai mei low in Cantonese.

It will be a busy weekend. I need to clean the house and start prepping for the party, C has another birthday party on Saturday afternoon, this time at the Valley Zoo (it will be a chilly one!) My brother and sister in law will be coming up from Calgary, so we're going out for Chinese dinner on Saturday, turkey dinner on Sunday, and meeting my girlfriends for lunch on Monday. And we're supposed to get the first few flakes of snow this weekend! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, eat lots, enjoy friends and family, and be thankful!

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