Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

It's another dreary Monday, but the past weekend was warm and sunny. My husband even got the Christmas lights up! We had a good weekend, it was a long weekend since it was a PD Day for the girls. On Friday we did some Halloween crafts, and then went to my parents in the afternoon and stayed for dinner.

We ran some errands on Saturday, played outside, and the girls watched Cars 2. 

On Sunday, the girls had their skating lessons and then A attended her first birthday party that afternoon! The birthday boy is in kindergarten, who gets bussed to A's Montessori school in the afternoons. She was the only girl from the preschool there, and I think that's how the birthday parents knew it was her. A was sooo excited to go to her first party, but was so shy once she got there. The party was at Treehouse, and I think part of it was that she was overwhelmed, she did comment that it was noisy there. It was her first party without her big sister or other older family friends, so she was clingy. After cake and snacks, A warmed up, and even asked the birthday boy to go play with her, so off they went with their cup of tokens to play games. A's favorite was the fishing one, and she traded her winning tickets for gummy candies.

My girls can't party hard, they're pooped after a weekend of fun, and were asleep by 8 last night. It's a good thing I don't schedule them into too many activities. Hopefully they're like this when they're teenagers, this way they'll come home and not stay out too late, haha.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Learning Mandarin

This post is about me learning Mandarin.

C did really well in Mandarin last year in grade 1, my little baby got an A! We have rough days where she gets frustrated, but when we ask if she wants to continue to learn Mandarin, she always says yes. I'm proud to say that I still get most of this year's homework so far, haha. There's no way I can write all the characters that C has learned, but I can still read the bulk of them, and have even learned new ones.

I downloaded a couple Mandarin kids' song album for the girls to listen to, and sadly, most of it is too fast for me to understand completely. A learns a bit of Mandarin in preschool too, they usually learn a song or two for their concerts. Last year she actually taught me one while I was keeping her company at bed time.

We were listening to another song in the car, and I understand bits and pieces of it. I asked the girls what the song was about. A said she learned it in school, and said she saw the video in school, that the song was about a tiger with no ears and another with no tail. I asked C if this was correct and she said yes. Honestly, it's like pulling teeth to get information from her sometimes. I got the words for ears in Mandarin, and kept forgetting the word for tail. I asked C a few times at home, but I still kept forgetting. I still don't remember, haha. I love the role reversal of how I'm asking my daughter for the word in Chinese, and when I was younger, it would be my mom asking me for a word in English.

Here's the video. I need to look at the pinyin (English sounds with accents for pronunciation) to get the whole song.

"Two Tigers" Liang Zhi Lao Hu 儿歌-两只老虎_动画

Ah ha, just watched it. Ears are mei duo, and tail is wei ba (sorry, I don't have the tone accents.)

Have a great day! 

再见 zài jiàn (good bye!)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday, Monday

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend.

We had a good one. The weather was bad on Friday, it snowed all day and was super slick on the way to pick up, in fact the hill/bridge near our house was closed for most of the the afternoon, and only opened up just when I left the house, I was the first one allowed back on. Oddly, after I'd picked up the kids and headed to my parents' house for dinner, the roads actually got better, the temperature had gone up a couple degrees and with more movement on the streets, the snow began to melt.

We visited friends on Saturday and saw their new beautiful house. Then the girls made a couple snowmen once we got home.

For a Monday it hasn't been bad, I accomplished a lot this morning! A load of laundry, prepped some dinner and I've got a banana bread and a cake in the oven. Now I'm finally sitting down to do some blogging and hopefully some writing afterwards. And I need to work on C's Halloween costume. She's going to be a lady bug. It shouldn't take long to make, but the end of October is creeping up, and I need to make sure I have enough time! She is going to be a ladybug, so I just need to make the shell part. A is going to be Anna, we picked up her costume at Costco last month, and it's been hanging in the closet to ensure it stays intact for Halloween, haha.

A was a bit teary when I dropped her off this morning. I hope it's not going to be another clingy rough week. I'll keep you posted! Have a great day.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Acupuncture (and Thanksgiving!)

It was a rough start this morning. I woke up because my girls are loud speakers, and wondered why they sounded so awake before my alarm rang, which is supposed to be at 6:15. Roll over to check my clock, it's 7:15! The kids wake us up at 6 am on the weekends,but on weekdays, they apparently let me sleep in (S was long gone to the gym and work already.) Rush the girls to get ready, and rush downstairs to get all the breakfast and lunch ready. The girls ate their fruit in the car. And after I came home from grocery shopping, I realized I forgot to pack A her milk cup and her plastic bowl. Whoops.

I finally went for acupuncture yesterday! I haven't been in almost two and a half years, and I went yesterday because my wrist has been hurting, and I feel like my hormones have been kind of wonky. I fear perimenopause is waiting for me around the corner. I really like my acupuncturist too, I have a good rapport with her, and look forward to my next appointment next week.

I totally endorse acupuncture. Back in 2008, I got pregnant fairly easily, but miscarried about 7 weeks in. After that, we weren't able to get pregnant. A friend of a friend referred me to an acupuncturist who specialized in fertility, who then referred me to my current acupuncturist; I can't remember why didn't go to the first one, I think her hours and location weren't as convenient for me. I got pregnant with C right away, and continued to go to acupuncture during pregnancy. In fact, it is when I've been pregnant that I regularly go for acupuncture. It has helped me with nausea, back aches, tendinitis and carpel tunnel, and all sorts of other ailments. I like western medicine, but believe a blend of east meets west is great, acupuncture has existed for thousands of years for a reason. (Psst, just as an FYI, my acupuncturist isn't even Asian!)

Next step should be Chinese soups. I don't make them at home, but I'm hoping to learn a bit more from my parents and some books. I'm not a big fan of the weird herbal sticks and dried stuff, but I do acknowledge that soups can help the body. My husband loves Chinese soup, and keeps nattering at me to learn and make it at home since I have more time on my hands.

It's Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend!. We are having both sides of family over this weekend (both sets of our parents and siblings plus applicable family), complete with turkey dinner, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pork roast, creamed corn, pumpkin bread, and so much more! We want to do a traditional western Thanksgiving dinner, haha. Inevitably, holiday dinners usually become an east meets west meal if our parents bring food (eg noodles, salad rolls) but I think the moms are bring dessert, east style of course. Egg tarts courtesy of my mom, and taro tapioca soup dessert from my mother in law. I know that dessert sounds kind of weird, I'm not sure what it's called in English, it's sai mei low in Cantonese.

It will be a busy weekend. I need to clean the house and start prepping for the party, C has another birthday party on Saturday afternoon, this time at the Valley Zoo (it will be a chilly one!) My brother and sister in law will be coming up from Calgary, so we're going out for Chinese dinner on Saturday, turkey dinner on Sunday, and meeting my girlfriends for lunch on Monday. And we're supposed to get the first few flakes of snow this weekend! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, eat lots, enjoy friends and family, and be thankful!

Monday, October 3, 2016

TV Shows

Ahh Netflix. The best way to binge watch. I must be old, as I didn't realize that 'chill and Neftflix' or whatever the expression is means what it means. That's my typical weekend night with the husband, we lounge on the couch and watch Netflix!

What have I binge watched lately? Well, I certainly have a lot saved on my favorites list. Some that I still need to watch are Downton Abbey, Homeland, Orange is the New Black, and those are just off the top of my head. The problem now is with limited view time, I need to be in the mood, and often, it needs to be something that requires a lot of brain cells.

I was never a big Grey's Anatomy fan, not one who followed the show religiously. I've caught episodes here and there and enjoyed them, but never got into it. With Shonda Rhimes' more current shows however, I have totally binge watched them. Scandal was on my watch list, and a friend mentioned she binge watched and was really good. To prevent binge watching so I could continue with my life, I decided to watch How To Get Away With Murder first, since it only had one season at the time, as opposed to the five of scandal. So yeah, totally binge watched HTGAWM (ugh, even the acronym is long). And have since watched the season two that was released, and have set the PVR to tape season three coming up! In between season one and season two, I watched Scandal all summer long. All five seasons. So good. Sad that I have to wait until mid season to catch the next season on tv.

*In sotto voice*...but one of my guilty pleasures is teenage drama. It started when I was actually a young teenager (original Degrassi! Saved by the Bell, original Beverly Hills 90210) and then the OC. By the time Gossip Girl came out, I was a full fledged adult, and fed my babies in the wee hours of the morning while watching GG. (XOXO!) I also love teen movies, so I can relive my youth still vicariously, and also the requirement of less brain cells to watch thing.

I have my standards, I don't watch all teen dramas, and have dropped some in the past. I think the only one I'm really interested in right now is Pretty Little Liars. The newest season came out on Netflix a little while ago, but I haven't watched it yet. I'm taking a breather since I just finished HTGAWM season two. Oh wait, I lied, I'm waiting for a new season of  Shadowhunters.

And waiting for the next season of Fuller House. But that doesn't count as teeny bopper drama right? It's a family show, and the adults are my age.

Now it sounds like I'm a tv junkie. I'm actually a reader, and if I had to choose, it would be books all the way. But it's easier for my tired little mind to watch tv sometimes. I have been reading again lately, so maybe I'll do a post on that.

Okay, I've rambled on enough about television. Have a great day! :)