Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I know that K-beauty has become very popular. I don't know too much about it, but I know it usually involves a lot of steps. I gotta admit, I'm kinda lazy, so I've haven't looked into it too much.

My skin care routine is pretty simple. To cut back (since we're a one income household now), I use pretty much drugstore brands. I use Cetiphil face wash, and Olay moisturizers for both day and night. Even when I was working, I didn't splurge too much on skin care stuff, I'd dabble with Clinique off and on, though I did regularly use their exfoliators. However, once I finished my last tube, I just bought some drugstore exfoliator, I can't even recall which one, I think it was a Garnier one that was on sale. It's okay, it doesn't break me out, but doesn't really excite me either. I have some Taiwan face masks, but the hoarder in me only uses them once in awhile. My big splurge is the Bliss wipes (That's Incredi-peel), which do smooth my face, but again, I only use them once in awhile.

C had a birthday party at the Muttart Conservatory this past Saturday, so S and I took A to Kingsway Mall to go shopping, since it wasn't really worth it to drive home. I don't leisure shop too much these days, and when I do, I just stick close to home in the south side. So Kingsway is rare occurrence for me. We went to Disney Store, where we bought a stuffed Merck and Miles for the girls to share (not that they need more stuffies, but at $2.99 each, we couldn't resist).

Then we walked past the Face Shop and I decided to peek in. One friend shops there and says none of the products have ever made her sensitive skin react, so I decided to check it out. I ended buying an exfoliator, a brightening cream, a sample anti-aging kit which was only $5 with a purchase of over $35, and I also got 3 free nail polishes.

The White Seed moisturizer doesn't contain SPF, so I've only been using it in the evening. I wonder if I should use during the day and wear a separate sunscreen. We'll see if this helps with my freckles/age spots.

The White Jewel Peeling Exfoliant is a little different from other exfoliators that I have used. I usually exfoliate in the shower, but this one said to use on clean dry skin, so I did it after I showered. My face definitely felt smoother. But the big win was when I used it on my hands. My hands were so soft right after I used it, that my husband went and tried it after he showered too.

I have yet to use the anti-aging trial pack, I'll try that later on. Verdict: still not into so many steps, but the new products seem pretty good. I think I will go pick up a toner to use in my skincare routine.

Have a great day!

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