Monday, September 12, 2016

Culture and Food

I don't do a lot of Chinese food cooking. What I do cook pretty much just consists of making friend rice, or opening a pack of potstickers. If I'm feeling fancy, I might make stir fry or fried noodles. Once upon a time, I made my own won tons, I'd bought some from the store before and they were baaad. Even my lazy ones were better. But now that I have kids, my parents just make me a batch of yummy won tons, and we happily eat them.

I think my last meal would be Chinese food, specifically Cantonese food, food from southern China and Hong Kong, the food I grew up with. Mmm, fried noodles and chow mein, won tons, various types of dumplings, buns...Fun gwoh that my parents make...I'm not sure what they're called in English, other than the non descriptive 'dumpling'. These are steamed (still non descriptive), and what makes them different and distinct from other dumplings I believe, is that they contain jicama. Mmm, I also love congee and thousand year old eggs...

I got sidetracked with dreams of of dim sum...anyways, my point is I don't do much Chinese cooking, for authentic food, we go back to my parents house, or go out.

Since my kids aren't exposed on a daily basis, do they like Chinese food? Their first foods were packaged rice cereal, home made carrot puree, and plain congee (rice porridge). When I was working, my mother watched my kids. C's go to meal was chicken stock with macaroni, chicken and spinach. A's go to was rice rice rice. The answer is they love Chinese food! It is a good way to help them (and me) keep our cultural identity. And what I really need to do is start learning some good old homestyle Chinese cooking.

Have a great day!

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