Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Time

Hello hello! I can not believe it is August! This means the kids go back to school in exactly one month. Summer feels like it's been flying, but I asked C if she thought summer was moving by fast, and she said the opposite, haha, just like how I used to feel like a kid.

I had grand plans of having wonderful days planned out for the kids, such as fun learning lessons, awesome crafts, cool day outings and adventures. Instead, our leak from the end of May has meant slow slow renovations, sending the kids off to the grandparents so they can run around and not have microwaved meals for over a week, and plans rescheduled.

In between renos we've managed to have some fun though. On Canada Day long weekend we went to Calgary to Heritage Park, Calaway Park, and to hang out with my brother and sister-in-law who live down there. We had a good trip. Calaway Park was really good, it wasn't too busy, it was clean, and the park is geared for smaller kids, and the girls went on a lot of the rides all by themselves, leaving me and S free.

Since we did Calaway Park, we told the girls no K-Days this year, which is the exhibition in Edmonton. They were cool with that.

On Friday, we did an impromptu trip out to Sylvan Lake. The girls had a lot of fun, the water was nice and shallow for their little legs, the day was beautiful, and they even saw schools of little fish in the water, and caught a snail to boot!

And yesterday we even managed to squeeze in a craft. The girls painted some little bird houses that I'd bought earlier in anticipation of keeping them busy over summer, and because I have materials for pretty much every type of craft project, I even had little birdies on hand to accessorize the houses. They turned out pretty cute.

For some reason the bird house pic reminds of 70s/80s claymation, haha. Maybe it's just the light of the picture.

Today's the last day of another long weekend, but we have a good week planned. That's it for me tonight, have a good one! :)

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