Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Saving $

So being a one income family the past two years, we try to pinch the pennies a bit.

Here are some examples of what I've been doing:

1. I cut the girls' hair myself.
Hearing some of the horror stories from some people who have taken their kids to the kid salons, perhaps it's just as well. Their hair is simple right now anyways, thick blunt China girl bangs and one length hair. The hair all Chinese girls start with.

2. Reduce eating out.
When I worked, we used to eat take out more on the weekdays because we were just tired. Now we don't eat out on weekdays, and may do one or two meals on the weekend, depending on our schedules, and sometimes just as a treat since the kids are finally functioning as human beings and can go out now.

3. Packing bulk food.
For example, instant oatmeal. We used to the buy the individually packed ones, you know, with 10 packages, add water. I'd usually look for a sale. But now I just pack my own, by buying a big package and packing the individual baggies. I also make my own pancake mix now too, with ingredients already in my pantry.

4. Shop cheap clothes.
I bought myself some new clothes this year, but many were under $10 a piece! Superstore/Joe collection and H&M were good ones, as is Old Navy. I also buy most of my kids' clothes a season ahead, can't beat $4 leggings and such. Also, since I have 2 girls, I usually get two wears out of their clothes, and I'm also fortunate that I get good hand me downs from one of our friends.

5. Shop year round for birthday and Christmas gifts.
I keep a stash at home for birthday gifts, present fillers, and Christmas gifts, though I do the bulk of Christmas towards the latter part of the year, I actually just ordered some today. Sometimes this doesn't work, as I sometimes lose track/misplace what I have. It also depends on circumstance. A few years ago I bought some baby sleepers that were a good price, but didn't choose all unisex ones. I still have a girl one because apparently friends/family have only been having boys. There was one friend with a baby girl, but I had misplaced the sleeper, only to find it she was too old.

6. Joining store clubs/memberships.
I may get special discounts or freebies. I get a free Starbucks drink on my birthday, as well as a nice Sephora freebie. This year it was a Marc Jacobs lipstick and eyeliner. I also earn points at Superstore, Save On Foods and Chapters/Indigo which eventually add up to money off my purchase. Even if it may take awhile to accumulate, I think it is worth it.

So there are a few off the top of my head! Until next time, have a good one.

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