Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mommy Brain

Not just prego brain, but mommy brain.

Sometimes I feel like my brain isn't used to working as much now that I stay at home. I mean, it certainly works, but only certain parts of it. Like the parts that make mac n cheese, and make Barbie clothes, while the parts that can run queries and do coding have gone dormant and into hibernation.

I haven't been reading as much as I'd like to, though the last few weeks have picked up. When the hardwood was getting redone in our house on the main floor due to the leak, I was trapped in the upstairs bonus room. I actually got a lot done. Did a lot of reading. Watched some Netflix. Finished the scrapbook on Disneyland (we went over two years ago, and my goal was to paste in the pictures before we go again), and finally started C's baby scrapbook--it only took over six years to do that. Still not done, but I only have month eleven and first birthday to finish up.

I spend a lot of time online, checking Facebook, looking at blogs, and too many minutes/hours on Pinterest. Resurrecting this blog has been good for the brain. I'm typing again on the lap top as opposed to poking at the keyboard on the ipad. And typing out full words as opposed to using auto fill. Writing the blog has helped sort out thoughts, and sharpen up the brain. Ugh, I sound like a senior citizen.

One bad example of my deterioration is a mini high school reunion with some friends last week. I was so looking forward to it, a couple of friends I hadn't seen in years, and one lives in Ontario and was back to visit family. I even kicked out one of my contractors to go. We were bringing the kids along, and meeting at one of those indoor playgrounds, which was a good call, because I swear it's been raining in Edmonton for the past month, if not more. Anyways, I was ready to go, and even pre-filled out the waiver form that morning. We were running late because of the renos, so I texted a couple of the friends to let them know.

I got to the playground, which I think is the biggest one in Edmonton, in the south side anyways, Hmm, I didn't see any of my friends' cars. That should have been my first clue. Went inside, paid and didn't see them. In fact, the facility was pretty empty, which was actually a good thing, because if it was busy, it would have taken even longer to realize that they weren't there. I checked my emails. There, in black and white was the name of the playground we were to meet at. The other indoor playground, not this one.

Auggh! Do they do refunds here? We'd only been here five minutes at the most. If they don't, should I stay?? I took my girls and went back to front counter to ask if they do refunds by any chance, as I was at the wrong place, my friends were at another location.

They were really good, no hesitation that they do refunds. Got my money, off we went to the other indoor playground, which wasn't even five minutes away, and much cheaper, which is good on this one income (and it's not mine) pocketbook. We made it and met my friends, and had a great time. I look forward to the next reunion.

So that's what got me thinking about my mommy brain. On the other hand, maybe it's not mommy brain. Ack, maybe it's just my brain!!!

Until next time!


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