Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ox and Dragon

It's amazing how my two little girls have such different personalities. I don't think it's much of a nature versus nurture debate, as they are only two and half years apart and I don't imagine our parenting styles have changed much. So definitely nature.

C is the oldest and was a good baby. She was very mellow, didn't cry much, and even at almost five years old, is pretty chill, except when Cranky C comes out, usually when she's tired. Even then, she mostly just pouts.

A on the other hand was different right from the start. Even in utero she was active, always doing gymnastics in there, and when I went for my anatomical ultrasound, she was moving around too much for the tech to get everything, I had to go back for a second one for them to check her out. Even if I wanted to, there was no way for them to see if A was a boy or a girl. (In comparison, I have a lovely 3D ultrasound of C.) A cried a lot in the evenings in her first couple of months, and was fussy. Today, at almost two and a half, she is active, active, active, feisty and defiant. She probably knows too much for her own good at this age, and she thinks she's a big girl, if her sister can do it, why can't she.

So how do horoscope signs and zodiac signs fit in? I have to be honest, I haven't looked at horoscopes in years, since probably junior high and high school, so I'd actually have to look up and see what their horoscopes describe them. C is an Aquarius, and A is a Cancer. A was born four days before my birthday, so she is the same sign as me, though I don't think we're anything alike. Cancers are moody though, maybe that explains her Jekyll and Hyde demeanour sometimes. I will have to look up to see if C is anything like her horoscope sign.

In terms of Chinese zodiac, I think they are very much like their signs, at a glance at least. C is an Ox, so docile and agreeable. A is a dragon, so fiery. A is the same sign as her daddy, so interestingly, she has zodiac traits from both of us. 

I can't believe it's mid November already. Christmas is coming! I love Christmas, and we've brought out a few decorations, the tree will probably come out in a week or two. I've got the bulk of my shopping done online already, off to scope out some stuff for the remaining presents. Have a lovely day! :)

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