Thursday, October 2, 2014

How It's Going and Introduction

Well, it's the end of the second day in my new career as a stay at home mommy. It's been good, though I have been taking it easy at home, chores and organization are calling my name next week.

So yesterday, on my first day as stay at home mom, I actually did get to sleep in. My youngest woke up before 5:30 am, but I popped her into my bed (hubby was at work already) and she actually slept for another 2 hours. Amazing. My oldest woke up soon after 7:30, so we all ate breakfast together and headed off to kindergarten. Halfway there, I realized I forgot her lunch, so we went back. Got her to school just in time for her to scoot into her classroom and start singing O Canada. I got home and realized I forgot her water bottle. Oh well, I figured second day would be better, and it was.

Hello. My name is E. Since this is my first blog and I'm quite a private personal person, I'm not sure if I want to divulge my name yet, assuming that there are other people actually reading this blog. But I digress. 

I am a new stay at home mom. I have a four and a half year old and a two year old, both girls. C is my oldest and A is my youngest. I quit my job because I was tired of juggling everything and wanted to cut the stress down. I realize that I am extremely lucky to be able to make this decision financially. I worked in a tech/administrative position in a post secondary institution in Edmonton, in an office that I've worked in for almost 14 years. So this new lifestyle is quite a change, we'll see if the grass is actually greener over here.

I thought I'd try blogging, because isn't that what every stay at home mom does? Ha. I thought it would be a good way to document my life changing event, and provide social commentary. I haven't written in years, so this is a good way to take advantage of my more flexible lifestyle to try something new.

Thanks for reading! :)

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